It is not empowering women if you have to hide your children from it.

If you think it is empowering, should the women in your church offer to preform the same routines on a Sunday service?

Don’t you feel tricked into believing that being “empowered” means to act like a stripper or are you going to defend someone because they are “so old” and have a nice body?!

I tried not to say anything but come ON! There is so much more I could say, so much more I could share but when I have a daughter if she ever did anything like that (even at 50) I would be heartbroken. When I was younger and looked up to people like this… it made me think that was the goal, that was what was beautiful… NOW I know what the beauty of the Lord is and I know the things that break his heart… what happens if on judgement day God reads our Facebook posts to us? How can we defend defending something that he doesn’t want to happen?

Ask yourself this last question… what was the purpose in what she was doing? To show off… is that empowering or is that pride? She isn’t a believer so she isn’t held to our standards but defending her… there is nothing empowering about being enslaved in sin, being bound to evil and having your worth tied up in your outward appearance while ignoring the inner convictions of the heart.

Maybe now we can stop defending her and start praying for her. #weAllNeedASavior #hisNameIsJESUS! #dontDrinkPepsi

There are some truths people don’t want to know, they don’t want to see. That “more” I referenced earlier, it can be viewed in this video below. It’s shocking, alarming and concerning. There are many who have come out of Hollywood and are speaking the truth about what it takes to “make it” in this industry but you have to want to know what the truth is first before you can find it. You wont hear this on the news or watch it on TV.

When you watch this you will see just why it is so important to pray for them and why this is bondage. Some people get mad because some of this could just be something they do (personally) on a daily basis, for example a lot of the symbolism by itself could mean nothing to us but I encourage you to watch this and see all of the symbolism together. It isn’t one “accidental” thing but a network of very intentional things which truly expose a deeper and more evil part of why they do what they do while distracting those with their bodies.