Shocking Truth When Evil is Revealed

Things are going on in our Country that are going to have a lot of people confused and lost feeling. I want to say this ahead of time and I want you to engrave this on your heart even if I sound like a crazy person This world is...


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Easter Traditions

Traditions are important to me but I don’t desire to duplicate things as traditions without...



Reminder: Do Not Give Up

<![CDATA[Sometimes we need a reminder when we are living this life, feeling frustrated and tired of trying that it’s still worth the effort. I hope this video gives you the motivation you need to NOT give up! Watch the video above and join the conversation at #doNotGiveUp on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.]]>

Praying to hear God’s Heart

God, I pray I hear your heart, I know your voice and I follow your direction. Your Word is faithful, You are faithful. Your plans are good and your love expands beyond our comprehension. Your Word says to have faith, to seek...

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Christmas BFN

The Christmas #BFN sucks, I know it does, the waiting, the hurting, the longing, it’s painful when we get our expectations up and then it comes crashing down. A BFN near Christmas always hurts more but I want to encourage you...

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Thanksgiving Beyond Thanksgiving

As the Christmas seasons comes upon us, let us not shut the door on thanksgiving. No matter what the season we have so much to be thankful for. Let us rejoice in the goodness of the Lord and praise Him even when things don’t...

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Vax Warning

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We should treat them as such. For anyone struggling with #infertility or sickness of any kind I want you to hear me well… not everything that is man made is good even if it is...

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Times of Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty our hearts are revealed, our faith is revealed, our commitments are revealed. Whatever you’re struggling with, search your heart & find your strengths, note your weaknesses & find ways...

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