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Why We Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Celebrating Halloween is a choice believers make and there are strong opinions on both sides. Halloween was my favorite. Who can argue with dress up, candy and fun? When I became a Christian and learned about the origin of Halloween, I decided not to celebrate anymore. As a mom this topic keeps coming up so […]

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Slow Down or Miss Out

<![CDATA[Life is happening really fast. We blink and years go by and there are things we know we've missed out on. If we don't change, if we don't enjoy today than it will just keep happening. We will keep missing out and this life will become a shell of what is could be. It's okay […]

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Terrible Twos

<![CDATA[I'm a first time mom, enjoying my two year old boy. I'm always looking for ways to understand his little mind so I'm constantly observing his behavior, looking for patterns. I never looked up why the twos were terrible, I really just hoped they wouldn't be. But what I've observed takes away that "terrible" feeling […]

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Patience and Parenting

<![CDATA[Patience is almost a super power. We all want it but it's hard to keep. When I lose my patience, my parenting style changes from peaceful to frustrated. This is not how I want to parent. I adore my son and know that he doesn't understand enough to be able to put into perspective that […]

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Underestimating God

When we see someone struggle, we want to help out and sometimes all we can do is pray for them. The thing is, going to God with our needs isn’t a last resort, it is the first, most powerful option and if that is “all we can do” that is MORE than enough. Watch the […]

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Time For What Matters

We are all busy and don’t seem to have enough time each day. We are overworked, overtired and are trying to keep up with our unending task list. But, the time we have today is a gift. Not everything will get checked off of the task list TODAY, so make sure to give some of […]

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Jesus Help Me Get Control

We all need help getting control at times. This simple saying reminds us and our children that we don’t have all of the answers and we need help. This video is HILARIOUS! It’s pretty hard to have any patience when you are 2 and can see yourself in the phone. Now that my son is […]

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