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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program that you can listen to at any time. They are great for multitasking… like when washing dishes, folding laundry, or driving. On these podcasts expect to be encouraged to live in Truth and find the peace God absolutely wants us to have.

You can listen on the websites or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. You also don’t have to use your data to listen as you can download them when on WiFi and then play them wherever you are and it’s just as easy to remove the episodes once you have listened to them. 

Scripture IRL Podcast

Come study the Bible with me and my friend Kitty! Each week we pick one verse and apply it separately in our lives. Then on the podcast we discuss what that verse meant to us and how we applied it “In Real Life”. The discussions are always surprising as we see things differently and yet it all comes back to the power of what God’s Word is. It was written uniquely for you, we will help you enjoy diving into the Word! 

Infertility Podcast

7 years of infertility and God showed up in big ways. In fact, I learned that he never left me but I just assumed he did because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. The Christian Infertility Support Podcast is designed to help you find faith and hope while waiting on God’s promises. I used to be hopeless and then I learned what God what me to instead of letting the enemy steal my joy and hope.

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Adversity Has Been Here

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