The Christmas #BFN sucks, I know it does, the waiting, the hurting, the longing, it’s painful when we get our expectations up and then it comes crashing down. A BFN near Christmas always hurts more but I want to encourage you today…

God’s Gifts are…☑️ Amazing☑️ Specific for YOU☑️ Never late☑️ Intentional☑️ Filled with goodness☑️#WorthTheWait

You are absolutely not forgotten, you haven’t been skipped or missed. #Remember we are not talking about Santa here. We are talking about God who knows you, loves you, cares so much about you that he has every hair on your head counted. When Abraham looked up into the sky and saw the stars his faith grew. Count your hair today… when I did I wondered what the point was and as I counted I realized the Lord cares more for me then I even care for myself. He knows things about YOU that you will never bother trying to find out. Every single detail matters to the Lord. So the BFN, let God comfort you today and let him show you HIS plan, HIS timing and HIS heart for you and your family. God I pray for peace to consume those hurting today, I pray for increased faith and great expectation at the work of your hand. Your plans are good and your love is unmeasurable.

God I praise you in the storm, I praise you in the wait, I praise you in the pain for this is just a season and I know there is purpose here and as we put our faith in you we know it will be good. Thank you Lord! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!!! ❤️❤️❤️