Traditions are important to me but I don’t desire to duplicate things as traditions without a purpose. We know as believers the importance of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday and I have prayerfully sought ways to celebrate and honor Jesus while laying down meaningful traditions. I still don’t have everything finalized but I thought I’d share this tradition with you… (PS We also don’t do an Easter Bunny or Easter Eggs, there is a Palm Sunday Donkey and my son just suggested us get a lamb so I will add that into our tradition next year.) Feel free to use this for your family and share with those who are looking to celebrate the true meaning of this season without the distractions of the traditional traditions 😍

Today we celebrate! The mourning is over and the freedom is here! When the two Mary’s went to look for Jesus in the tomb he wasn’t there, but that didn’t stop them from looking. Our job is to keep looking for Jesus and when we do he reveals himself to us. There are 4 hidden presents in the house, just like Jesus is a gift you keep searching for go find your hidden gifts.

Easter Poem (In Picture to use as you like)

Jesus died for you and me
The whole earth shook and there was victory
Not for death, or pain or loss
But through redemption on the cross

That wasn’t the end
as we all know
The Victorious came
to the world once more
His brand new body,
the world did see
Jesus defeated death
for you and me

Today we celebrate
how He overcame
We are reminded
to seek him every day
So when you look for him
Inside the tomb
He isn’t there
but he’s waiting for you

To seek him, find him,
to know him more
Jesus Christ
he is our Lord!

Throughout this house
There are gifts to find
Secret treasures
waiting inside
Seek them, find them,
enjoy them each day
And remember that Jesus
made the way.