😳😳😳 I have been sharing that Faith requires action… it isn’t simply believing 👉 it is doing because you believe.

👉 If you believe in the power of God then not even death will hold you down!

🤔 Maybe that’s not what you want to hear but even death does not have the final say for those in Christ.

🙌👏🙏Act (not acting like a pretend role but behave in your thoughts and actions) like you believe in the power of God and find rest in the plans he has for you!

In life or death God is still good.
In good and bad God is still good.
In light and darkness God is still good.

You are in the KNOWN of God, just because you don’t know what will happen doesn’t mean we lose our faith. You have an opportunity to find the Lord here. If you find God here you will never let him go.

Cling to the Lord… we are either for him or against him. Woe to those against him! Seriously, woe… I cannot imagine facing the Lord in pride and sin… thank you Jesus for washing me white as snow.

💪How do you cling to the Lord?

-Read. The. Bible. If you don’t know where to start just listen to this podcast https://scriptureirl.com We will help you get excited about reading the Word!

-Pray. Pray for peace, wisdom, discernment, direction, understanding, health, safety. Pray for God to help you stay focused on truth. Rebuke every lie (it’s easier to discern lies when you are reading the Bible). I have a prayer journal you can grab that explains in more depth how to pray but also feel free to DM me if you have any questions https://amzn.to/392Wexi

-Identify Spiritual Attacks. That fear comes from somewhere, don’t justify it, find the why behind it. If satan delivers you a package it’s your choice to return it or open it up and keep it. Return that fear back where it came from and have faith in God even when you don’t understand where your next roll of Toilet Paper is going to come from.

-Ask for prayer, accountability and help. We are the body of Christ designed to operate together. When we are united with the power of God the greatest things will become possible that weren’t when we were divided.

-Look for the goodness. I can testify that there is always goodness. Even when things totally stink, God still has good things. Find them, be thankful for them. Those blessings sustain us through to the next season.

-Don’t forget what God has already done. God created you, breathed life into you. He counts every hair on your head and has literal plans for you that actually go through (not our broken plans that never get fulfilled). You are blessed by the God of all creation. You are not some insignificant person but a child of the living God. He knows you by name. He loves you. Look at what he has done in your life. What Jesus has done for you. He will continue to do what he has already done. He will make a way.