Three 30 Day Challenges in One Book!

If you are asking yourself how to bring back intimacy in a marriage, this is the book for you. I am not just talking about physical intimacy in marriage, this book will challenge you toward emotional intimacy in marriage as well.



Intimacy Challenge

Marriage and sex are important. God intended for two people to become one flesh and bless them both through the commitment of marriage. Unfortunately, sex has become a whole lot of things God never wanted it to be. So finding ways to improve your sex life aren’t always easy if you desire to honor God. That’s why I wrote this book, to bring you a safe way to enjoy your marriage on a deeper level.

This book is broken down into three 30 day challenges for married couples. The first two are completely “done for you”, while the third is a “build it yourself” 30 day challenge with resources to help you!

The plan is simple for marriage intimacy. Connect every day for 30 days. It is also possible to do this on whatever schedule works for you. I have had couples do it on the weekend only and still benefit greatly from it. You have sex every other day. There are no graphic pictures or instructions. You make the rules and can be creative on your own. The non-sex days are comprised of 3 questions: One serious question, one fun question and one activity. The activities involve things you find around your house.

BONUS, you can do them all in your house!

The lack of intimacy in marriage is often because of the busy, crazy lives we live. The newness wearing off and lack of effort put in significantly affects connections on all levels.

*This book should only be used by married couples.

God created marriage and wants your marriage to be blessed. Marriage doesn’t have to be boring or feel like you are platonically living with a roommate. You have to be willing to try and put the effort in. You will be surprised to see how quickly and easily you connect by these simple steps.

Sneak Peak

Day 1

Serious Question
What is something that use to frustrate you but now you are grateful for in life?

Fun Question
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Look through old photos together.

Day 2


Day 3

Serious Question
If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?

Fun Question
What is something I do really well?

Create an animal out of a paper towel and guess what each other’s animals are.

Day 4


Day 5

Serious Question
What is the scariest thought you have about parenthood?

Fun Question
If you didn’t have to work anymore, how would you spend your days? Be specific.

Learn how to say the alphabet backward together.
-Fastest time wins!

Day 6


Day 7

Serious Question
What ways can we reduce stress in our lives?

Fun Question
What is the funnest joke you know?

Blindfold taste test: Blindfold spouse and have them taste three different things and guess what they are.
-Now switch.


Days Total

If you are asking yourself, “how to fix intimacy problems in a marriage” you will be shocked as you start this challenge. Instantly re-kindle the love and connection you both have been longing for. It’s easy, you can re-connect with your spouse in your home by simply making the commitment to spend some time with each other every day.

So grab this book, commit to the first 30 day challenge and you will be incredibly excited to do the next 2 challenges in the book. Three challenges in 1 book! Grab your copy now and let me know what you think! You can enjoyably work through this book, rebuilding intimacy in marriage.

About the author.

I believe in the power of the Word of God and use scripture to guide my life. I have learned the hard way that without reading the Word, our relationship with God is strained.

God showed me how His answers and direction are found in the pages of the Bible. What a blessing it has been to find out the silence I faced for so long was actually because of me, not because of God!

I hope to share the revelations God has given me to help you see God has such a good plan for our lives and He is never silent, He is always guiding us. We just have to know how to listen.

Lillian Day

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