Pieces of a women is a new Netflix movie about, “A heartbreaking home birth leaves a women grappling with the profound emotional fallout, isolated from her partner and family by a chasm of grief.” But it’s more than that.. It’s about a women who chooses to have a home birth and her baby dies and the midwife is arrested for MURDER…


Let me break this down…Our bodies were made for

✅ Breathing✅ Digesting✅ Excreting✅ Thinking✅ Pregnancy (women only)✅ Childbirth (women only) AND so much more!

This is what is normal.

Our bodies should function properly.

It is not ridiculous to think that a pregnant women can have a safe birth and BONUS if you have an awesome midwife who are the most educated people on this planet about pregnancy and delivery. Medical intervention is not a natural part of childbirth. It is in-fact an invasion that can cause massive repercussions if taken unnecessarily.

Do not think for one second that this fear based agenda adds up. Yes babies die and it’s horrible! It’s HORRIBLE. But listen to me, they die in hospitals at ALARMING rates.

You know what CVd has done to pregnant women this past year? Made them research home births more. It is no coincidence that this fear based agenda is being pushed in hopes for you to feel stuck into compliance if you are blessed to have a baby of your own. Let me be even more clear… I know what is normal is not what always happens.

We went through 7 years of infertility before God blessed us with our son. I also attempted a home birth and was in labor for 36 hours before I found myself on the table of a hospital requiring a c-section BECAUSE my midwife was educated and monitored my boy and knew that my case was not normal. So even when the normal goes wrong GUESS WHAT there is a plan.

Midwives are a blessing and amazing. Being able to birth at home and know that IF you have the any issues you still have options is the reality. God made our bodies to do this work and if you have ever considered a home birth, recognize the fear based agenda and dig into the truth! I would attempt another home birth if given the opportunity. I will share some resources below. #BoycottNetflix