Prayer Journal

Praying to God, coming before His throne and requesting His help, direction, wisdom and guidance is such a huge blessing. This prayer journal is designed to help you record your prayers and to expect God to hear and answer them.

Prayer Journal Features

When writing your prayer requests you will also have the opportunity to record

  • Bible Verses to help encourage you as you pray
  • Your Prayer Team details
  • The direction you have received
  • The Testimony of God answering your prayers
  • The revelation of God’s purpose
  • How you shared this testimony

This Prayer Journal teaches you how to pray so nothing is interfering with your prayers. Our sin and lack of faith affect our relationship with God and the brief checklist in this book will encourage you to prayerfully search your heart so you can fully expect God to answer your prayers.

    This unique layout comes from years of praying to God and finally figuring our “how to pray”. How to wait with expectation for God to answer prayers. Prayers for miracles, prayers for help, prayers for healing, prayers for joy, prayers for direction. We all need so much help and we are gifted with the opportunity to pray to the God of creation. I expect him to hear and answer prayers and I know with this journal you will too.

    When you take the time to search for Bible verses to add to your prayer this journal can easily become your devotional. There is so much power in praying in accordance with the Word of God.

    Whether you feel like you are learning how to pray for beginners or have a wonderful prayer life, this journal will bless you. Take a “sneak peak” and view the layout for yourself. You will instantly see how beneficial this journal will be in your prayer life.

    Use this prayer journal individually, as a family prayer journal or even in small groups.

    “What a wonderful way to see what God does and record the testimonies of his answered prayers!”

    About the author.

    I believe in the power of the Word of God and use scripture to guide my life. I have learned the hard way that without reading the Word, our relationship with God is strained.

    God showed me how His answers and direction are found in the pages of the Bible. What a blessing it has been to find out the silence I faced for so long was actually because of me, not because of God!

    I hope to share the revelations God has given me to help you see God has such a good plan for our lives and He is never silent, He is always guiding us. We just have to know how to listen.

    Lillian Day

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