🙌 Thank God our eyes are opened and we can SEE what is going on around us. My heart aches for the people who will be shocked at what comes next.

🙏 Let us pray for them.

God I pray now for the comfort of the foolish and the blind. I pray that as the facade of this world is ripped away that you bring your supernatural understanding and peace. As people recognize they partnered with evil I pray you remind them of your son and that HE paid the price in advance for them to be forgiven.

I pray that as their eyes adjust to the truth that surrounds them that they turn to You and find you here in a way that is everlasting.

Evil has been ruling and in the dethronement of evil the awareness will be painful. People who have put other people on pedestals will be sick to find out just who they were worshiping. They will hate themselves and they will have lies whispered into their mind. I pray right now you reveal each lie as that and bring so many confirmations of Your truth. I pray that the revelations that come in this difficult time will help them choose You instead of living in the darkness or in the socially acceptable gray area of this life. Help us be your voice of comfort.

Help us not to boast in our rightness. Help us to have compassion for those hurting and understanding as we have had so much time to process this evil and they really just didn’t want to know and now face the reality that they have been hiding from this whole time.

Thank you Lord for making this way to freedom. We praise you Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!!! ❤️❤️❤️