God, I pray I hear your heart, I know your voice and I follow your direction. Your Word is faithful, You are faithful. Your plans are good and your love expands beyond our comprehension.

Your Word says to have faith, to seek wisdom, to follow you. Thank you Lord for the seasons you have allowed to grow my faith. I treasure the gift of believing in you when what I see doesn’t make sense.

God now I am on a journey to seek your heart and I want all of it Lord. Show me your heart Lord, help me to find understanding and to not lean on my own understanding.

I see now that there are seasons we can’t avoid and there are seasons we choose. This season Lord I choose to seek you in new ways. I will seek you more then silver or gold. I will seek you more then likes and follows. I will seek you more than my schedule makes me think I can.

You are the purpose of my life Lord and I get to know you, so I choose to know you Lord! I choose you Lord and I am so grateful this world is not my home. I am so grateful to walk in the light when this world is covered in darkness. Let your light shine so bright God that there is no gray, there is no uncertainty, there is no room for others to doubt your awesomeness Lord.

I love you God! I will live for you and I will not settle for less, every day Lord let it be filled with more and more of you. Thank you God for letting me walk through the seasons I have so that today I can be here now.

Lord I ask for wisdom as I seek your heart. I ask for understanding as I follow your will. I ask for truth at every door. I ask God that you would bring discernment to my thoughts and peace to each direction you lead me down.

Thank you God for 2020. Thank you God for infertility. Thank you God for my childhood. Thank you God for my parents. Thank you God for the ups and downs of friendships. Thank you God for bankruptcy. Thank you God for the seasons of waiting. Thank you God for sickness. Thank you God for my seasons in the Western Church. Thank you God for it all. I will praise you in it all Lord because in it all you were there for me. Your puppse was never lost. I was never abandoned by your love. The enemy cannot win in my life because Lord I choose your plan instead. I will rejoice now and forever Lord. I will never stop trusting you God.

I will live for you always!! Thank you for my life, it is a gift that I pray will honor you for the rest of my days.