Today people are questioning… a lot.

The truth is there is a whole lot to question. There are injustices happening all around us, there is deception, manipulation of power, there is death and murder at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us. One thing I think we all can agree upon is there certainly is EVIL.

Evil exists and because of that some of us look to God and ask why… some people even right now are questioning why God would allow it, how God can “sit back” and watch His creation destroy itself… some people are even turning away from God, living in fear, anger and uncertainty.

I understand. I understand human nature and wanting to know everything and when we feel out of control, to get angry and lash out. I understand questioning everything, that’s a good thing. I understand wanting justice, revenge and resolution…

But… if you are questioning and doubting, allow me to give you some facts.

1. You absolutely matter. Your life matters, your pain matters, your questions matter.

2. God is the God of love, true love. Not the fluffy butterflies in your belly when you watch a romantic comedy, “love”… but real love. He is patient, kind and good. That means he loves us even when we are mad, He is there for us even when we lash out, he is available to us when we seek him. He is steadfast and desires to help us. He is our lifeline.

3. The devil is a liar. A LIAR. He does evil and points the finger at God. He desires us to do the same. He mocks the goodness of God and believes that love is conditional. He doesn’t believe in love. He doesn’t believe in faithfulness. He doesn’t understand that God is not a God of circumstances. God is the same when we are worshiping in a church building surrounded by hundreds of people as he is when you are hiding in your closet, crying, overwhelmed by the days we are going through.

4. Evil exists. Evil is so real and it’s dark and dangerous. It’s malicious and cruel. It’s murder in the name of justice, it’s fear in the name of protection. It’s also incredibly subtle and patient… remember that is the nature of the enemy, he is crafty and slick. We don’t wake up in the light and then the next day walk in darkness, this is a long term plan. Every step we take away from God is a step toward the evilness of the enemy, until one day we get consumed by it…if we continue in it.

5. Free will exists. Free will allows for a choice. We may not think each decision we make is a choice toward good or evil but that is the reality. We are walking toward God or away from him. The little things matter just as much as the big things. Considering these 5 points, my question is simple:

🤔 How many steps away from God can we take before we cross the line? Also, how can we continue to blur the line of good and evil when evil is so incredibly bad? Why would we want any part of evil? Why do we allow a little darkness in when we know that this is how horrible it is? How much darkness does it take before murdering people, before robbing people, before any ounce of goodness is crushed and the darkness consumes us?

❗️One last point to consider…as loving, good and forgiving as God is, his wrath is coming. God will have the final say, justice will prevail even if we don’t see it in every circumstance.

We will all face God. It’s okay to have your questions, to wonder or be confused about our circumstances, but look for the truth instead of the “feelings” which are so easily manipulated by the enemy, by ourselves, by others.

👉 If you are struggling please reach out to someone who cares about the truth above all, who wont encourage you into darkness but point you to the God of love and to the truth in the sea of lies that this world is trying to consume us in.