<![CDATA[For a long time I thought that "if God was real" He was too busy for me.

Than as God revealed Himself to me and I knew He was real, I still struggled with feeling like my small world could not matter to God in His greatness.

As God continues to reveal His greatness, I realize that He is certainly not the busy, unavailable God that I had originally characterized Him as.

He is the God of love who cares deeply about you and me. We are not some number to Him, we have a name and a face. We have a past, we have a future and we have a present. He knows how many hairs are on top of our heads and He has a plan for our lives.

When I see God now, I see a God of detail. Who is so big and so might and so powerful that of course He does have the time for me in my small world.

How would you describe God’s Character?

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