When we seek the Lord for the desires or our hearts, we have to trust that if we are willing to surrender he will lead us somewhere good even if it feels really bad right now. Even if you are tapped out and empty…

There are many people under attack who love the Lord, we find ourselves at the end of the line, running on empty, fighting for the next breath and it is in these moments that our faith is tested. That’s the fork in the road, do we cling to the Lord or do we cling to the pain?

I pray in the name of Jesus you take all of that pain and bring it to the Lord, hand it over (and over and over if needed) and instead pick up his good gifts that he has for you… there is no journey without blessings, even the hardest ones. That is why we keep having to choose the path of faith. Keep walking toward the Lord even if we don’t know where we are going exactly. We can hope, we can expect and we can trust in the Lord.

Can you see God here?

I do and I will praise him just as much now as I will on the mountain top. I will praise him and thank him for I know of his goodness and I rejoice at the work he is doing now even if I don’t understand it. Even when the pain feels great I am reminded that God is greater. Even when the brokenness seems to be around every turn I know God has not left me.

When you know God, it’s hard to understand doing life without him, even when things are hard.