Things are going on in our Country that are going to have a lot of people confused and lost feeling. I want to say this ahead of time and I want you to engrave this on your heart even if I sound like a crazy person 🥰

✔️ This world is not our home.

✔️ This world is filled with evil.

✔️ People do HORRIBLE things. The enemy has been here longer (much longer) then us and it is important for us to remember that he has PLANS. There has been a systematic overtaking that has gone on in secret with the illusion that we are free and apart of a free Country. If you Trust God and believe that He is good you will understand that HIS PLANS are far greater then the enemy’s. I ask that we all set aside our bias and understand that we all have allowed at least some degree of brain washing toward an evil agenda.

✔️I admit that I have believed lies.

✔️I admit that I don’t have all the answers.

✔️I admit that I used to feel like this was home and that eternity was just hopefully okay to be there forever.

✔️I admit that there are things I shrugged off as not a big deal because other people were doing it that grieved the heart of the Lord.

✔️I admit that I am not perfect and through humbling myself I need to seek the heart of the Lord.

👑 If we desire truth we all have to set aside assumptions. We have to recognize that as the body of Christ we are called to live as sojourners in this land and to be set apart. To be the salt of the earth.

🚫I think we all want to believe that evil isn’t as dark and as twisted as it actually is.

❗️Prepare your heart, if you don’t yet know the darkness (coming out soon) will absolutely shock you. I pray as you are shocked by these truths you run to the arms of the Lord and seek Him for comfort. I have had a lot of time to process what I know. I can’t imagine waking up one day and having this all hit me in the face as it will for so many people… I think back to hearing about Bill Cosby and it truly hurt my heart and so many of us were shocked. Expect to hear more stories like that and even darker and scarier things that will reveal the depths of evil that we have ignored for a long time.

Please know as this information unfolds I am praying for your heart. I am praying for supernatural peace. I am praying that we never forget that our enemy isn’t as evil, sick and twisted as he truly is. This is why we have to be on guard, we let our guard down and allow this stuff to happen.

I am so sad and heartbroken that we have been this foolish to think that people can’t be this evil, we laugh at jokes that actually speak right to the truth of their darkness, why?! Because it can’t possibly be true?! We think people can’t possibly worship the 👿. We think golden calves and 👨‍👩‍👧 sacrifices are OT problems. The enemy didn’t stop his agenda and in his craftiness he has risen to an authority that we as a collective people have blindly given him.

The truth is by the time you see what’s happened it means it’s ending. The warfare that has consumed our land and our world is exploding right now and guess what… God Wins! There is good coming!!! Please remember that one thing at least… there is good coming.