The King is here!
The King is Here!

God I pray right now for every voice that is being silenced to break through the muzzle and find a way to be heard. Heard because they are speaking truth. HEARD because they are taking a stand. HEARD because you have given them words and wisdom and truth to share. The enemy laughs as he goes into his own destruction. Lord we stay steadfast and confident in you! We submit to your authority Lord the authority that has no room for fear or doubt. We submit Lord to your mighty power and as we bow before your thrown we are rejoicing at the victories that are unseen and know Lord they will be seen for you are good and faithful and evil will be destroyed in the name of JESUS! Amen!

This photo scares people… my friend Ruby Dowen-Wieners is a beautiful artist and as she stood for what she believes in the enemy was threatened and she was jailed! We all know what’s going on and so when the enemy tries to silence OUR VOICE, we ROAR with the KING and we do it LOUD!!!! Give my friend some love and pray… THEY CANNOT SILENCE US because our KING leads the way. We are walking the righteous path and VICTORY will reign in the name of JESUS!

If you have been silenced in an effort to share truth, count it as pure joy for you are doing the Lord’s work in sharing truth to the deceived. May they be deceived no longer in the name of JESUS! Amen!