God, as you have preordained us in our lives and purposes we know that you have done the same for President Trump. It is by Your authority that he has held the highest rank in our land and it is by Your authority that he has seen truth and stood up to the powers of darkness that have held our land captive for so long.

This battle is deep, it’s dark and it’s purely filled with evil but through Your power, love and grace Lord we will find victory.

VICTORY through truth!
VICTORY that exposes the darkness!
VICTORY that removes all that has been hidden for so long!
Victory so that the captives are free and we can truly be what this country had intended all along.

A free and fair place.
A place where we all can say, “In God we trust” and we see the fruit of that in our politics.
NO MORE will we see politicians as liars and conniving evil doers who talk out of both sides of their mouth. I declare the future of politics to be men and women of most upright character, people who set the standards and then raise them even higher. Who fight for the voiceless, who stand up with integrity against evil, who believe in justice and who do what they say they are going to do.

I pray right now against the weariness that has happened in this land from the ongoing assault in our minds, hearts and social media accounts. I pray right now for a refreshing to sweep over those reading this, that your presence would fill their room and Your great peace would come over them. A peace that understands that YOU are in control Lord. Not us, not politicians, not governments, not the devil… just you LORD.

We accept that there are things we cannot understand, that we cannot know. If we cannot find peace here in the wait then our faith is not in the unseen but the seen. Help us repent for faithlessness. Help us submit to your timing Lord. Help us represent you Lord well. Help us be the salt and the light in the battle that is at hand.

This plan is YOUR plan.
This timing is YOUR timing.
This way is YOUR way.

Lord we submit to You that we will live in faith and live faithfully, being patient for your perfect timing. Speaking the truth in love to the deceived and holding fast to you as we wait for the plan to continue to unfold.

Thank you Lord for having good plans for us. Thank you Lord for raising up people who do your will, who fight with truth and who care about the things YOU care about Lord. Thank you God that evil does not win! Thank you Lord that the future of this Nation and this World is in your hands! We praise your HOLY Name.


In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!