The following is a 3 part series I posted about Covid that I’ve chosen to share as one blog post below. What unusual times we are living in…

Post #1 of 3 – Today let’s talk about the difference between what we are told and what we believe. #theTruthMatters

Do you believe we are being told everything accurately about the #coronaVirus?

Post #2
Lying = sin = tool of the enemy.
If they are lying to us about a virus turned pandemic there HAS to be a reason for it. Lying = hiding the truth. Is it a #conspiracyTheory that all of these lies are being duplicated worldwide or is it a #fact? How can we find truth? #theTruthMatters

Post #3
#theTruthMatters. God brings truth. Pray for discernment and wisdom and if you want to find the truth you can find it, you just have to look.

Group Research

Below I am going to add some topics as comments. A lot of this is controversial but it’s all worth researching. You do not have to agree with something to try to find the truth about it. Also by me sharing each topic I am not saying I agree with it. I am simply saying research.

Something that is true for all of us is we do not want to be lied to. We’ve already established they have lied to us in the first post. Now we seek to find the truth.

Many think we have no choice but to be in the dark but God brings LIGHT, truth and wisdom. We can and should pray for them all.

Let’s do some group research. For every topic, share some info by replying to the comment with research (pro or against).

WARNING: Some of this is hard to learn about. Some of it is literally unbelievable and yet discernment gives us an understanding of how evil things can be. Evil has NO goodness in it.

Remember to keep asking: Why Lie? What truth is being covered up? There are several alternative theories. Many will be proven right or wrong based on time, this isn’t about having all the answers but it is about researching what we can because when we understand more we can be more prepared for the spiritual battle going on all around us. #theTruthMatters

If you have other topics I haven’t shared please make a new comment and please respond with resources as a reply to the comment.

  • Main Stream Media
  • False Flags
  • Agenda 21
  • 5G
  • ID2020
  • Forced Vaccinations
  • New World Order
  • Pizzagate
  • Pedogate
  • Epstein Island
  • DUMBs and Earthquakes
  • Adrenochrome
  • Sealed Indictments
  • Q
  • Human Trafficking
  • Global Financial Reset
  • George Soros
  • Obamagate
  • …there are just so many things, as they say it’s a rabbit hole you will find more as you dig.