Wisdom is given from God through our experiences.

Those who haven’t “walked in your shoes” and yet attempt to speak into your life with judgement or harshness have mouths filled with foolishness. Who uses the fool? Do not listen to those people, they are intended to hurt you even if that is not their intention.

God has……Wisdom in this season….Understanding in your pain….Comfort in your brokenness. I am forever shocked at the ignorance pored into the lives of those struggling.

The comments that just don’t leave. The validation of lies. The daggers that the tongue can plunge into the heart of someone hurting who chooses to sit there and smile as they fight back the tears. Most people never know just how deeply they hurt someone with an off comment.

If you don’t know what it’s like to walk through something horrible do not give advice, just be a listening ear and a loving heart. We all need to understand our own boundaries of usefulness. Let’s only be used by God! To those carrying the weight of hurtful words, let them go.

Do not let people be the voice of the enemy in your head. Replace the lie with God’s truth and dwell on that… you will find freedom in your mind and in this season!

Bonus: do a Bible search on fools and see just how much they are unable to do for you and why you absolutely should not listen to them. It sounds mean to call someone a fool but the truth is, it’s well defined in the Bible and I have always found it freeing to recognize a voice of wisdom verses the voice of a fool.

Lay it down at the cross my friend and pick up HIS goodness!