To the child I fought for

I fought for your life.

I valued you and loved you as I waited for you to be conceived.

I thought the fight was about me and it was but even more so it was about you.

There was a plan to stop your life before you ever were conceived. That fight didn’t end when you were conceived.

It continues.

Your life is a target and I will be your shield, I will keep fighting for you, I will keep preparing you and equipping you.

One day you will hold your own 🛡 shield of faith, you will grab the sword of the Spirit and fight with us for your life. You have already started 🙌.

We have an enemy my child.

He will speak lies to you, make you question God, lead you down a path to darkness if you let him.

Don’t let him.

Resist the devil and HE WILL FLEE.

I see kids older then you, they aren’t resisting. They want to be cool in the eyes of the world. The devil makes sin look cool. I hate that. I hate that there is so much temptation and I understand how hard it will be to resist. But baby, he is after you and we will keep fighting for your life.

He will get inside your heart if you let him. He gets inside our minds so easily when we aren’t guarded.

He wants to poison you with addiction, to numb you from conviction, to get you to worship at the feet of man.

But baby God gave you life. God told the devil no, he stopped this grip on your life and set you apart. He said this is my child, and you are here now.

We wont stop fighting for you.

This world is filled with evil and I don’t have the strength or power to protect you from temptation but I know God has you. He has always kept you safe.

Trust Him always. Trust him when you’re mad at him, trust him when you are confused. Trust him when things are good or bad. God will bring clarity. He has answers for you. He has a reason for everything. Nothing is by accident.

You sure aren’t by accident.

God has great plans for you my child. Every day we choose. Choose God every time that way the plans of evil will be far from you and you wont miss out on the goodness God has planned for you. The devil wont kill steal or destroy you, he will try but he will fail in the name of Jesus!

Photo Credit Christian Digital Artwork – The artist is Kevin Carden Photography.