Some Chapters From The Book

  • Waiting…

    After spending years waiting for the Lord, I share why God was waiting on us.

  • Trying to Conceive Through Faith

    Through faith is more than just believing, it is living in faith and I reveal what I lacked that God expected me to change.

  • Imperfect Action

    How receiving God’s blessing is more about consistent effort than being perfect.

  • Getting Right With God

    This season often negatively impacts our relationship with God. We discuss how to get back on track so your relationship starts improving.

  • Honoring The Body

    Sometimes we become so fixated on what we don’t have, we forget what God has given us.

  • Fighting Deception

    The devil is crafty and tries to influence our minds to keep us from receiving God’s promises.


Oh what an inspiration. I couldn’t stop reading it and before I knew it, I was at the end of it. It has lifted my faith…I’m on this ttc journey and I’m just holding on to faith. -Brenda

It’s an all-encompassing, brutally honest look at our pursuit for what we want, but finding what we need along the way—God’s will. -Kitty Earehart-Greiner

I seriously cannot tell you how amazing it has been…my faith has absolutely strengthened! What a blessing this book is!” -Candice McBrayer Brown

What is the Difference between TTC and TTCTF?


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