Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We should treat them as such. For anyone struggling with #infertility or sickness of any kind I want you to hear me well… not everything that is man made is good even if it is marketed as good.

A lot of things cause long term permanent damage and it’s too late to do your research after you’ve said yes and injected things into Your body. Don’t live with regrets that you didn’t have to have!

👉 Sterility is a goal for some people who have positions of power and influence to do just that to your body. This video isn’t going to get into the potential side effects that will come out later once hundreds of thousands of people say yes to blind faith in humans.

But here you can watch one video and determine for yourself if this is what honoring your body looks like. No answer for our well being will require murder of the innocent from the Lord. There is a better way.