Today I want to talk to the people who are afraid to speak up, to tell the truth and to expose the evil they know happens behind closed doors.

These people are the participants to evil. Maybe initially they got tricked, black mailed and forced into doing it, but these people who have convictions yet say nothing and allow these things to continue… today I want to talk to you. Even for you I want you to understand there is hope and a light at the end of your tunnel if you so choose to follow it.

I know right now you don’t see a light and the truth is, there isn’t one if you continue this way.

I know why you keep quiet and smile without exposing any of it. Maybe you think you know why too but I believe you don’t fully understand it all, otherwise you would see the only option is to speak up.

It’s the same reason why no one who knew Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein spoke up…they knew. It’s the same reason why the foster kids who are abused daily don’t say a word. It’s the same reason why abused kids become abusers.

Guilt and shame are the tools of a manipulator. A person or organization desiring to do bad things will implicate you in a way where you feel like if you expose them you are exposing yourself. It’s a great strategy because of self preservation, no one wants to expose themselves.

Evil requires darkness, when it is exposed it is revealed for just how wrong it is. If it were good, there would be no reason to do it in secret.

Here’s the thing… eventually everything comes to light. God already sees what you are continuing to allow and what you are participating in. If you stand up, speak out and repent… the God who gave you life will forgive you, even if this world can’t. Even if you spend the rest of your days in prison with the world smearing your name, you will have peace instead of the shame and fear that consume you. You will be apart of exposing the depths of evil.

It might be your very purpose on earth.

If you “sold your soul to the devil” I still believe God wants to buy it back. But understand, God knows your heart, you can’t fake it or put on a good performance. In order to expose them you are exposing yourself, But in so doing you will be saving so many lives. My God counts that, even if we can’t. He will tell you the good you don’t even know you did if you choose to repent and live in Truth.

We all have to choose between glory on earth, enslaved or eternity in freedom without suffering.

The God who created everything has power beyond their reach. For those who love him, he protects and provides and He has good things planned. Yes, there will be consequences on earth but He wipes the slate clean for those who repent, turn from evil and live for him.

The time is running out for you to make the right choice. Once it is all exposed, the very moment you were created for will have been missed.

What you might not fully understand is how much we already know is going on. There are MANY people who know what is going on already. Those of us who know just want it to end. We can’t wait another day so when you step out against the kingdoms of this world and expose it, even when exposing yourself, we know what you are risking. We already know the power of what you are coming up against but I promise you my God is more powerful. The evidence is out there and your time is running out.

For those who stay silent the consequences will be far worse on earth and eternity has no joy or love for those who don’t repent. Maybe you enjoy the evil that you are doing. Maybe you like partnering with sin and allowing others to suffer. Even still, you know the time is running out.

There is an army of people who already see what has been hidden for so long, the rest of the world will see it too, very soon.

Do the right thing. The thing “they” threaten you not to do. Break the power of lies they hold over you and so many others just like you. Expose it all, because your continued silence echos volumes and there is no way to turn back time. #TickTock